Keeping the Human Element in Your B2B Marketing

Many companies have effective marketing techniques when it comes to selling to their customers. But when it comes to B2B marketing, things can get a bit more complicated. It is important to remember that even though you are marketing to a business, there is an actual person or group of people who will be involved in the decision process when it comes to whether or not they will be purchasing your products or services. Therefore, it is important not to forget the human element.

Ironing out your strategy

Photo by Campaign Creators / Unsplash

Keeping that in mind, here are some great tips for B2B Marketing. 

Develop a Buyer Persona: To help personalize your sales pitch, it is important to create a buyer persona. A buyer persona defines your ideal customer. In developing this persona, consider who the buyer is, what they do at work and any potential problems your product might help to solve. 

Develop Your Brand Messaging: Your brand messaging will help your customers understand what your brand is about. When developing your brand messaging, it is important to show your personality and humanize your brand to establish trust with your buyer. 

Share Helpful Videos and Guides: Guides and tutorials are helpful in forging a human connection between you and your customers. It is the best way to show them there are people behind your brand that can communicate directly with their people. It also helps them to learn more about your products and what your company has to offer.

Focus on Building a Relationship: To further establish a human connection with your customers, you need to show them there are people who will be there when they need them. Offering excellent customer service is one way you can show that you’re there and you care. Social media can be a great tool in helping to build a relationship as it allows you to communicate with people in real time. 

Listen and Adjust: Staying in contact with your customers will also help you pay attention to what’s working and what’s not. Listen to their comments and adjust accordingly. Be sure to acknowledge their feedback by posting responses whenever possible.

More Advice for Great B2B Marketing

Beyond making a human connection with your B2B customers, there are other methods you can use to make your marketing effective. These are as follows: 

  • Set Both Bigger and Smaller Goals: The small goals will help you see the big picture in bite sized pieces and encourage you to get to the big goals faster.

  • Conduct a SWOT Analysis: This will identify Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Strengths. Doing so before you launch your campaign will help you identify challenges and develop a backup plan if you run into any challenges.

  • Create a Content Calendar: Relevant to staying visible online and on social media, a content calendar ensures you are staying up to date and covering all the appropriate and necessary topics.

  • Identify your KPIs. These Key Performance Indicators will help you determine whether or not your marketing strategy is reaching its goals and how you can make improvements if it’s not. 

B2B marketing can be a bit tricky but realizing there is a human behind every sale and figuring out how to relate to them can help you get a leg up and so you can grow your business. Good luck navigating this terrain so that your company can become a success.