Personalize Your Marketing to Boost Conversions

Businesses have been selling things to people for years and consumers are becoming desensitized. So used to sales tactics, overselling an item can be more of a turn off than and incentive when it comes to increasing conversions. But unless you are lucky enough to have the ability to reach audiences through word of mouth alone, you gotta sell.

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So the question is, how can you integrate sales tactics that will attract customers and not make them run the other way? Personalization is the key. A personalized strategy lets consumers know that you took the time to advertise a product that can add value to their lives, specifically. It highlights items they are likely to purchase increasing the chance of a conversion. But with so many customers out there, customizing marketing for each can be extremely time consuming. Well not to worry. Here are some great ways you can personalize your marketing strategy.

Collect Data

The more you know about your customers, the easier it will be to send them content you know will appeal to them.

But in this age of hyper-cyber security, gathering data can be a slippery slope. 

One way to get around this is to offer free stuff in return for someone’s contact info. For instance, you can offer access to a specific part of your site with valuable content or a downloadable resource in return for an email address and some location data.

This will help you determine the demographic of the person you are marketing to.

You can also base your strategy off the products they buy or their browsing history on your web site. 

Use a Name

This is a simple one, but it’s so effective. 

Starting an email with Dear (name) really helps to get a person’s attention. It builds a connection that can be extremely valuable in making sales. 

Send the Right Products

Once you have determined a consumer’s demographic and/or the products they are interested in, you can send them newsletters and emails with information about items you have available that they may be likely to purchase. You can alert them when you get new products in that you think they will like or when these products go on sale. 

Birthdays and Special Occasions

Another good way to forge a more personal relationship with your target audience is to get info on when their birthdays are. This can be inputted by the customer in return for a free resource. Once you have that information, send them coupons for discounted and free products and services they can enjoy on their special day. 

Use the Right Tools

As mentioned earlier, it is difficult to send customized marketing materials to everyone in your database, but there are several tools on the market that will categorize your audience to ensure the most effective newsletters and emails go out to the right people. These tools will even provide analytics so you can improve your strategies.

For a list of tools you can use for your personalized campaign, check out this link.

Personalization is the way of the future and if you’re not incorporating it in your campaigns, you may be falling behind. The tips in this article will help you create a strategy that will increase conversions and boost your bottom line. How will you be using them to move your company forward?