What Does it Mean for a Company to Be More Inclusive?

Today, business is about more than just providing a great product. People want to know what a company stands for as well. Many people appreciate a company the is eco-friendly and gives back to the community, but others will stand behind a business that is inclusive. This means that it welcomes people from diverse backgrounds. Inclusivity can be apparent in the staff you hire as well as how you cater to consumers. Here are some ways you can make your company more inclusive.

Malacca graduates

Photo by Baim Hanif / Unsplash

The Work Place

While most companies are legally bound to hire a diverse staff, there are ways you can further express your acceptance of this wide culture of people. Being respectful to their holidays and beliefs is one way to do this. 

While you may not need to go out of your way to mark off the calendar to be aware of all cultural holidays that occur and any special accommodations your employees might need, letting them know that your office is open to allowing them to take time off for religious events, etc. will make them feel more comfortable in making requests.

The actions you take will also be key in helping your company embrace inclusivity. When speaking to your staff, be careful to use words such as ‘spouses’ and ‘partners’ rather than husband or wife. This will show you are not making assumptions about their sexual orientation.

Hold office functions in places that are handicapped accessible.

Be sensitive about dietary restrictions when it comes to functions where food might be served. 

Most of all, let it publicly be known that discrimination will not be tolerated in the workplace and let employees know they are free to speak up if they feel like they were victims of intolerance. 

Although these workplace practices may not be publicly acknowledged, usually when a company treats its employees well word gets out!

Outside of the Workplace

And while it is great to be more inclusive in the work place, you also want your customers to know you are inclusive to all members of the community. 

You can do this by selling brands that may represent certain cultural communities. You can incorporate elements in your window displays that acknowledge cultural holidays, gay pride and more. You can also use advertisements and look books that feature models from different backgrounds or show off your diverse staff.

Body positivity should also be embraced in your marketing efforts. 

And while it’s a good idea to acknowledge various cultural groups during holiday seasons, its important to remember to keep up this attitude throughout the year. 

The world is becoming more socially conscious and your company needs to get onboard. It is one thing to be inclusive, but to show it in your practices sends a message that will serve as evidence of the integrity of your business and spread positivity throughout. Figure out what you can do to embrace diversity so that you can help to make the world a better place.